Selling Britain by the Pound

What a disgraceful showing by British politicians since the results of the Brexit referendum came in.

After David Cameron has announced that he is to stand down in a couple of months, we have had a round of back-stabbing with “political serial killer” Michael Gove apparently sacrificing Boris Johnson in a move to achieve his own ambitions of becoming Prime Minister.

Now we learn that UKIP leader Nigel Farage has stepped down as leader of his party.

I now feel that I’ve done my bit, that I couldn’t possibly achieve more (Nigel Farage)

What a show of incompetence, and these people want to lead Great Britain into a better future? God forbid!

So, in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, nearly all major figures (and I mean ones to be taken seriously, not that scabby little reptile Jayda Fransen and her lapdog Paul Golding) of the Leave Campaign have done just that, they have left…

And left Britain in chaos.

Image: NamensnennungWeitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen Bestimmte Rechte vorbehalten von Gage Skidmore

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1 thought on “Selling Britain by the Pound

  1. Methinks you know my thoughts, David. Being frequently accused of being a conspiracy theorist, how’s about this one. Brexit was a Tory plot to ensure the smooth transition of Theresa May and the introduction of more drastic right wing measures.Reasons? The most obvious is the actual referendum. It was never a legally binding choice, merely an “opinion poll”. The terms of the Act setting it up are plain and there for all to see, ergo, no Prime Minister is legally bound to press the Article 50 button based on the result. Cameron declared on first being elected he envisaged a period of 8 to 10 years as Prime Minister. David Cameron declared that the House of Lords’ remit should be reduced from legislative to advisory. Theresa May has also made similar comment.The Tories are in the main very firmly in the back pocket of Big Business and Big Money. One of the biggest bugbears of the EU to the Tories was the ECHR, as well as Tony Blair’s British version.Tory Brexiters, Boris et al, have long declared tha new CHR is required, but a more “business friendly” version, i.e.remove all worker rights embedded in ECHR. You note I’ve been very careful to quote only known facts and no opinions.What people make of those facts is up to them. My view is a new 1984, only worse.

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