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Wilton Park Video

The introduction of Quadcopters and the like with an attached HD video camera has given rise to magnificent videos taken from the air. One such video is the one in this post.

The Death of an Hospital

As a lad I was treated at Batley Hospital. I distinctly remember splitting my eyelid at Batley Scouts while playing British Bulldogs and being taken to the hospital on Carlinghow Hill to have it stitched. I won’t be so presumptious as to say “Ah the good old days”, but when I look at the state of the building today, then it does make me sad.

Obituary for a Grammar School

The plaque with the names of countless students who achieved exceptional success hangs proudly and tells of a glorious past when Batley Grammar School really was the school in which to receive your education.

Carlinghow Old Hall

Oh yes, I remember Carlinghow Old Hall. I used to walk past it every day on my way to school. Although it was a mess, there was no doubt that it was a place of great antiquity.

Batley’s Forgotten Cinema

Hidden and decaying above an amusement arcade In Batley, West Yorkshire is the former Regent Picture House. With these words a breathtaking photo series of the rotting Cinema is presented on Flickr by photographer “Richboxfrenzy”.

Uptown Uptempo Woman

I left a lot behind the day I left my home town in Yorkshire and came to Hamburg, Germany. I have been reminded of that fact again and again, and again today, when I found the Facebook Page and the Website of Carlinghow Theatre Company