Tattoo Or Not Tattoo

The tattoo. Source of endless discussions on the merits of to have or not to have, or in the words of Shakespeare, Tattoo or not tattoo, that is┬áthe question! When I was a youth they were considered very working class and were worn only by seamen and chavs. Of course, as we all know, its…

The Happiness of the Danes

Watch! This is an ad for a Danish TV programme. But the message it carries is quite extraordinary. Now compare this message to the ones being sent out by parts of the British Press, the Mails and Express and Sun’s and the whatever they call thems, and then think why the Danes are some of…

Bilal’s Tale

The Supertyke was never meant to be a political blog. There are far better things to talk about. But the fact is, the world is going mad. The Islamic State, as it calls itself, has made us suspicious and uncertain. We reject everything different from ourselves. It has given rise to figures like Donald Trump,…

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