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George Hey: The prisoner

David Scott
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:45:55 GMT

George Hey was the brother of Florence Hey (Gladys mother). Born 1875 in Batley. George served a sentence of two months in a Wakefield prison for failing to pay a fine of £ 9, 0s 6d. imposed for “Wife’s Maintenance Arrears” Who this wife was, is at present unknown. He was released on January 17th 1905 Next step after looking at George’s prison record was to find out who he had married in order for him to have to pay Wife’s Maintenance. Findings: Bachelor George Hey, Shoemaker, and resident in Commercial Street, Batley, married spinster Mary Ellen Hanson of 6 Cosshan Street at Dewsbury Parish Church on 13th April 1903.