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Robert Greenwood Timeline

David Scott
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:47:03 GMT

1871: 147 New Row, Stanningley (Bramley) with Father William Greenwood – Ironfounders Lab worker. Born Chester, Hyde. Age 33 Mother Mary. Worsted Weaver. Born Stanningley. Age 26 Brother Joshua 10 months 1881 136 Wheather Field, Pudsey (Next to Vernon Place, doesn’t exist now) Mother Mary Greenwood aged 36 – Stuff Weaver Robert aged 12 works as a worsted factory hand Thomas aged 10 works as a worsted factory hand Joshua aged 8 is a scholar Esther aged 4 Ruth Hannah aged 11 months 1891 156 Newells Place, Bramley Also near to Vernon Place Step-Father Thomas Bates aged 42 – General Labourer born in Althorpe Lincolnshire Mother Mary Bates aged 46 Robert aged 22 works as a pattern maker (see Marriage Cert. Gladys Greenwood/Thomas Scott Joshua aged 20 works as a mechanic in an Iron Works Thomas aged 18 works as a labourer in an Iron Works (the ages of the two aforementioned seem to be confused. See Previous Census) Esther aged 14 is a cotton spinner Ruth Hannah aged 10 is a scholar. Rebecca Bates is aged 3 and is born in Stanningley 1901 12 Butter Place No longer exists, but Grangefield Road (see Census one page back) runs perpendicular to Vernon Place ca. 100 Meters away. Robert aged 32 works as a joiner/carpenter Wife Florence aged 28 is a worker, exact professional is not decipherable, at least not for me… Son William is 7 years old. 1911 5, Wheater’s Fold, Pudsey Wheater’s Fold is the extension of Vernon Place Robert Greenwood has moved back to his stepfather’s house and lives there with son William and the following other people. Wife Florence is no longer living with him Thomas Bates aged 62 is a pile driver with a Railway Company Mary Bates is 66 years old. Rebecca Bates aged 23 is a worsted spinner Robert Greenwood aged 42 is a joiner Thomas Greenwood aged 39 is a labourer in an iron foundry William Greenwood aged 17 is a labourer in an iron foundry Ruth Hannah Greenwood aged 30 is worsted spinner