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Why did Rose Agnes Paynter move North?

David Scott
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:48:08 GMT

I received the following message via Hello, I was a bridesmaid for Jean Shaw and John Scott. I remember visiting Rosie Shaw with my grandfather Tom, who was her cousin, when I was a child. (I married young and lost touch with many family after my grandparents died) I am so curious..why did Rosie`s mother, Rose Agnes Paynter move North and marry Willie Milnes ? She was born in Goucestershire and lived in Walsall West Midlands before her marriage. However did they meet? Are there any family stories handed down? Maybe this will always be a mystery ! Regards..

David Scott
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:48:20 GMT

After passing the message on to Linda, I received the following reply: This lady is called Margaret and is my Mum's goddaughter! Her grandfather was Thomas Staples, son of Auntie Alice at Walsall who had 13 children. Thomas was brought up by Rose Agnes and Willie for a while to help and that's what brought him to White Lee. He married Annie and had two children, Mary (Margaret's mother) who married someone called Jack (?HOdgson) , and George. George was in the Green Howards with Uncle Reggie and died aged 19 of his wounds in the war. (One of the Staples brothers, Jack, lost 2 sons and a daughter in law in the Farnham Air Disaster and a third son was injured). Rose Paynter was an experienced leather worker and came up to White Lee when John Illingworth opened an extension to the family mill and wanted to expand the skills. She met Willie there and never went back. Apparently the families were very close in Mum's youth and even into my lifetime at Bradford. Be interested in any updates you get on this as would Mum obviously given they were once close.